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At Thinkster, our coaches are all certified, experienced maths teachers. Your dedicated coach will work diligently to provide one-on-one coaching, daily grading and feedback tailored to your child. We strive to help students perform at their best and achieve their academic goals.

Customised First-Class Learning

The Human Touch

  • Coaches grade worksheets daily providing personalised comments for the student. Coaches are ready to support students through videos and notes.

  • 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student are used to coach through challenging concepts, preview topics, answer homework questions, or prep for tests. Phone calls with the parent occur in order to discuss the learning plan and goals.

Meet a Few of Our Math Coaches

Jayna Rajani, UK

“I’ve always loved learning and teaching, and especially enjoy observing students learn. Children have an absorbent mind and are always exploring and learning. Therefore, I attempt to create fun and meaningful learning experiences. Thanks to Thinkster Math, I have the opportunity to teach from home and spend time with my daughter.”

Bachelors in Biochemistry, Post Graduate Certificate of Education, and Certified UK Instructor

Wendy Blair, UK

“I qualified as a secondary school teacher in the UK over 20 years ago, but moved into the private sector soon after and ran my own Kumon centre for 17 years. I closed my centre with the aim of looking for a more effective method of teaching maths to children. I started to explore various alternative maths programmes for my year 5 daughter and stumbled upon Thinkster. I was so impressed with the progress my daughter made in a matter of weeks with Thinkster, that I asked if there were any opportunities to become a UK tutor... and here I am!”

Business degree from Penn State University, Post-Bacc in teaching from Delaware Valley College and M.Ed through University of Turabo

Caroline Mukisa, UK

“I have over 20 years of experience in maths education. I've been a Thinkster instructor since 2013 and have previously owned and run a Kumon centre in London, UK. In my spare time I share my passion for maths education through my Maths Insider blog, where I give tips to parents on how to support their children's maths learning.”

Cambridge University trained Maths Teacher, Former Kumon instructor, Maths blogger and a mother of 4

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